Terramar Engineering & Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was founded in Thailand in 1996. It succeeded Brewo Trading Co., Ltd.
which was active in Thailand for many decades before. The change was made to document the Thai operations belonging to
the Terramar Group of companies, active in many parts of the world. BREWO existed in Thailand for over 40 years.

Terramar Thailand or TEAM Thailand as we call ourselves, is active with trading acitivties,
export, import and distribution in various fields.  We distribute electric components, light fittings and reflectors to the Thai lighting industry.
We are very active in machine supplies to the Thai plastic industry and do trading and distribution of other products in various other applications.

We are a Thai company, proud of the cultural heritage and the way of life in this beautiful nation.
But we are also an international company following modern business practices fast and efficient and are understanding
the way international business is handled. We have friends,
colleagues and business partners in many other Asian countries and last but not least in Europe.

We thank you for visiting our web presence and hope to provide some information about
our company, our products, services and our partners.