Machinery Range made in Germany

Products :

TMH-880DIG  S880 / S660 DIG Sheetmetal Punch

   This stationary sheetmetal punch will do cut-outs on ready made (painted and the edges are already bend) enclosure doors. The unit cannot compared with a CNC turrent punch, as those machines are being used on flat steel sheets only. Those switchgear manufacturer, using ready made enclosures, where the enclosure doors are not yet having any cut-outs, are one potential customer of the punch. 

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sheetmetal chamfer  TMH-550 Sheetmetal Chamfer Deburring Machine

   Basically the same unit as the TMH-KE1 except that this unit has to be used for sheetmetal. Enclosure manufacturer i.e. are a prime user of such a unit. The unit can either be used as a table desk version (for smaller workpieces) or in case of larger sheetmetal pieces, it can be placed on the floor. Here as well, a vacuum cleaner can be attached for collection of the burr. 

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busbar deburring machine  TMH-KE1 Busbar Deburring Machine

   One way of cleaning the cut edges of the copper busbars is by using a hand file or a grinder. Both ways, it takes a lot of time and it creates a lot of dirt / burr, which is flying around in the factory. Our machine is a table desk version, which cleans the edges much faster and the burr can be collected by attaching an industrial vacuum cleaner to the corresponding exhaust pipe.

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TMH-6000   TMH-6000 DIN  Rail Cutter

   The main advantage of our unit is, that the cassette, which offers 5 slots of different DIN rail designs, is replacable. We offer 2 standard cassettes, but the enduser can give us detailed drawings of the rails and a customized cassette can be supplied. After a couple of years, depending on the usage of the unit, due to wear and tear, the cassette has to be replaced.
    With our unit, just the cassette needs to be replaced. The competition in many cases has the slots integrated into the main body of their unit, not working with cassette. In such a case, the complete unit has to be replaced at a higher price, compared by just replacing a cassette

   PDF - Datasheet

wiring duct cutter  TMH-8000 Wiring Duct Cutter

   One main option, seen in the factories, is cutting the ducts by jigsaw. This takes longer, the edges are full of burr and a decoloring of the edges takes place. with our cutter, a straight and fast cut leaves no burr and no decoloring of the cut part.
As we are supplying a 1 m. length stop with the unit, no need for meansuring prior to cutting. Our unit is faster and cleaner. The knife can be replaced in case of wear and tear.

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   This unit is a mobile battery operated sheetmetal punch. It can either be offered for start-up companies who want to work professionally but do not yet have the budget for a larger unit, or for those companies, doing job at site.
   The head is 360 degree rotatable and included in the package which we can offer are 5 smaller punch/dies. We can offer different tool sizes up to 82 mm. dia. and 92x92 mm. in square size. The unit is also available from another company, but as per our information we can offer at the same price plus with the advantage, that we have the 5 punch/die sets included. 

   PDF - Datasheet